Thursday, August 23, 2007


My "Something Beautiful" today comes from the garden - and the bright red of the mini tomatoes against their green leaves make me think of Christmas colors. About mid-summer, we went through a time of drought. Many of my newer plants have finished blooming early. About the only bit of color left in the garden is this one lonely tomato plant that did well in a pot at the base of the patio steps. I wish I could catch the critter that likes the mini tomatoes as much as I do. I find bright red half-eaten remnants in the dirt near the ferns. After the green one ripens and the little yellow blossoms produce a few more fruit, the bush will be trashed.

My friend Joann, gardener to the core, grew the best tomatoes this year on Hanover tomato stock. They rival those Jersey beefsteaks I remember from my childhood. Solid and sweet.

I took this picture, then brought the trio inside where it became part of my late brunch today. And that reminded me of the English breakfast I ate in Bath, England when I visited my long-time penpal many years ago. Until then, I had never eaten tomatoes and mushrooms with my eggs and sausage.

I want to paint this picture, but I am too tired tonight even for acrylics. I had coffee with caffeine yesterday in the late afternoon and didn't sleep much last night. So, it's to bed early tonight. Tomorrow's another day.

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